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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Better Mobile Wallpapers

My mobile phone wallpaper isn't fitting correctly, the image is too small and lacks detail, in general the picture just looks oddly stretched and fitted.

there is a way to fix these problems. If you get these issues your phone most likely has not auto fit function and simple uses the picture you set in its original ratio (e.g. 12 wide and 15 high) this will mean you can get gaps around the picture because it is not filling the screen up as to do that your image will be distorted and become skinny or fat.

The SOLUTION in my opinion is to use a photo editing program such as photoshop.

  1. find the resolution of the phones LCD screen
  2. create a blank image in image software of that size
  3. drag and drop the original image and fit it into the canvas size, you can use stretch tools to zoom the image and also use crop tools to make the picture fit better inside the canvas size restriction.
  4. You may also adjust the lighting, maybe give it some contrast editing etc. to give brighter clearer image as computer LCD screens and phone LCD screens vary greatly in lighting (usually)
  5. Save image as JPEG
  6. Send to phone and set as wallpaper, now see if its a better fit and quality.

Using this method may mean cropping some of your image (Zooming into a section), say using the face of a model instead of her whole body in front of a car but the end results are far greater than a far shot image unless you own a mobile phone with greater LCD display capabilities and or larger screen.

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