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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Can't copy and Paste Diagrams in MS Word

the diagrams are missing things such as text, the boxes are different shapes or places, the lines in the diagram are in the same place as original diagram. Fixing the new pasted diagram in Word is useless and annoying.

i don't got a solution for fixing that but I have a work around:

  • Take the "to copy from" word doc and open it up
  • Go to the page zoom option and set it to whole page
  • go to view > full screen
  • Press screenshot button keyboard (PrtScr) button
  • Open up photoshop or another nice imagine editing software
  • Paste it in there
  • Crop out the unwanted parts
  • Save as a JPEG

  • Open up "to paste in" doc and insert image and point to the JPEG.

    A simple yet sometimes hard to think of work around that has worked for me well during my first year of uni.

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