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Sunday, January 31, 2010

DreamScene error: desktop icon text

When you enable a video as the wallpaper with DreamScene you may get black or invisible text for the desktop icons, which renders the text pretty unreadable.

To fix that try this:

  1. Right-click the desktop > Personalize
  2. Desktop Background
  3. Change "Picture position" to "Fill"
  4. check your desktop, hopefully the text has become white and readable.


  1. If done right you should be fine for a while although in anotehr forum I have read that everytime you change the background either to a different video or a picture and then back to a video, the icon text problem reoccurs but to my experience so far it has been persistently fixed.

    Hope I can still say the same after a reboot =)

  2. Tnx so much, its not a big problem to just change the picture position every time. Solved my problem

  3. hi but when i did it there weren't anymore animations

  4. i dont have fill...

  5. thanks for the easy fix it worked for me.