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Friday, February 5, 2010

Word table going onto next page with big gaps

The symptom is the table has 1 or 2 rows and then there is a big gap in the page and the table continues on the next page. So in other words the table breaks automatically over pages with gaps in between. Broken up tables across pages? Don't know how to explain it but hopefully I would have typed enough keywords for you to find this blog on Google


Like this I guess:


Go to the next page where the table continues, then go to the row where you think the rows before it will fit in the gap and inset a page break at the beginning of that row. This should fit some rows into the gap and then continue the table on the next page to give a constant flow table.

Bit hard to explain in text, maybe I shall make a tutorial?

Measure approximately how many rows can fit in the gap in Page1. Less is better than more else it won't work.

Now place the cursor at the beginning of the first word in the row you want to be the first row on Page 2.

Now, Insert a page break there

You should now have more of the table on Page 1 and less on Page 2 so it has a continuous flow without any gaps.

Hope this helped!! Sure took me forever to figure it out and also the help on forums and Google weren't that helpful, so I hope I have used some keywords for the useless sites I have found, so you can find this blog within 5 clicks on Google and
rest easy and earlier tonight!


  1. Thanks appreciate this couldn't find any help, this bug was driving me nuts, and I'm stuck using Office 2003 at work!

  2. Amazing, it works - many thanks!

  3. That did it! Much appreciated!

  4. Thanks, solved my problem!

  5. Try this: select the row(s) after the gap and go to Format > Paragraph > Line and Page Breaks and make sure neither "Keep with Next" nor "Keep Lines together" is checked.

    From: http://ask.metafilter.com/21274/Fix-my-MS-Word-table