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Thursday, January 7, 2010

How to expand a HDD with a different physical HDD

How to combine two paritions on two different physical HDDs
How to make two partitions as one when partitions are on separate HDDs
How to make one big HDD with two physical HDDs

Remember to back up data before attempting this tutorial!

  • Have a partition you want to be the main one (Partition # 1) - can have data on it
  • Mount the other partition in a folder inside the partition above (Partition # 2) - should have no data on it
  1. Right-click My Computer > Manage
  2. Storage / Disk Management
  3. Right-click Partition #2 and Create New volume (If you have already formatted this partition, delete it and then do step 3, REMEMBER deleting a partition removes data, you should move the data off this partition before formatting)
  4. Follow the prompts and select the option to mount to a NFTS folder
  5. Select an empty folder in Partition #1
  6. Continue with the prompts
  7. Open up the Partition #1 folder where you mounted the drive, you should now have a folder in Partition #1 that you can store data in, the data will store in the folder as if normal but the data will be stored on a different physical HDD but with minimal user interface differences.
Good Luck! Remember to back up data before attempting this tutorial! I can make screen shots if anyone is struggling and requests more detailed steps but if you can't follow the steps above then you really shouldn't muck around in the Manage tools of My computer. =) all the best!

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  1. Any problems or flaws in my tutorial, please post! =)