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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Problems with playing games on Facebook

Many Facebook games allow you to compare and compete against your Facebook friends. Most reward you with extra life, weapons etc. in the game if you can get enough friends or team-mates in the game by having your friends play this game too.

Now this is not a major issues, until or unless you or your children starts to add strangers just for the incentives in the game. By adding a stranger you will allow them access to all the personal information on your Facebook, including other contact details such as e-mails and MSN addresses which can be a danger for your kids against Internet paedophiles and other malicious people on the Internet.

When I was a kid, the Internet and gaming magazines was the place for cheats, but I am not too sure, kids these days might be smart enough to work out that adding lots of random as friends can help them.

So the main thing to remember is to educate kids about the dangers of the Internet and adding randoms as friends but not to scare them off too much, as the Internet can be a good play for entertainment and education. Dependent on how old they are you should probably check up on them every now and then, maybe convertly or overtly but in a nice friendly manner like asking them how do you play this game? wow you got a nice high score and dress it up a bit.

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