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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Firefox 3.5.2 can't save image as

I recently updated Mozilla Firefox to the latest version and noticed that I can't save images no more, for starters the Right-click Save Image As option was missing and when I got it sometimes, it didn't actually do anything or show any save as dialogue.

I did some Googling but did not find anyone having the same problem so I figured it must be me then and I disabled some add-ons as some of them are not compatible and some I don't use any more, so I un-installed some too.

I restarted and it seems to work a treat so maybe you can try disabling some add-ons and see if it will fix your problem if you are having a similar case to mine. i think because mozilla firefox has so amny add-ons and variatiosn possible much like PC based desktops its hard for Mozilla to test and debug all errors for users who have installed all different pieces of code (add-ons).

So for today Mozilla can still be > IE in my books.

P.S. My suspicions was my problem was caused by the "Hide Unvisited" add-on maybe Firefox has soemthing that does what it does? not too sure haven't looked into it but I have noticed that Firefox will integrate some popular add-on features in its upgrades.

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