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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

If you have FaceBook anyone can see your display picture

You think as long as you have your privacy settings set high and not accept random people as friends on Facebook you will be fine and no one can see your picture albums.

This is true, but everyone can see your display picture on Facebook or sometimes known as the Facebook picture. To find yourself (very easy to find if you have an uncommon name, flick a few more pages if you have a common name)

Google images: "[your full name] @ Facebook" and hit enter. Wall lar!

[your full name] = your full name (without brackets)

So is Facebook safe?

If do love and need that feature, it it is possible to use a picture maybe taken in a public location, or a cartoon filtered picture of you, if you are not too sceptic on privacy or would risk it for the beauty and convenience of your Facebook.

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