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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Making free mobile calls from your mobile

Is that possible? to make a phone call or even video call from your mobile phone for free?
Yes it is, is it going to become wide spread? well it depends on how telecommunication companies decide to restrict things, if you can make calls for free what do they feed off?

Its called VOIP (voy-p) or Voice Over Internet Protocol. You can only make free calls over VOIP if:

  1. Your mobile phone supports Wi-fi as that is how VOIP works, over the Internet
  2. Your local WI-FI connection is free, such as at Mcdonalds.
  3. Your recipient has similar phone and set up, or you call their computer instead of their phone

This post is not intended to explain everything for you but rather introduce a new concept so you can go and research it yourself. Commenting with new or more information is always welcomed.

First research phones with built-it WI-FI, then the software to use in order to do this, and lastly if the places you visit often have free WI-FI, if you have to pay for access you'll most likely find that its $2 an hour but if you do the maths its still cheaper than making a call through the mobile network (Provided you are not on a capped plan)*

The most important thing to research is to see if you have the WI-Fi set up but your friends and family use the mobile network, if there is a charge from the software to send your WI-FI data to the mobile network to go to your recipient.

Looking at MSN chat only, it is currently possible for you to use your mobile to chat using a free WI-FI hotspot. Chatting is possible from your mobile to another WI-FI enabled mobile phone and also to computers running MSN.
Please keep in mind that these WI-FI enabled mobiles are usually in the high end range of your mobile phones. you may want to weight the cost of calls to a more expensive mobile phone.

* Statements are generalisations and information may not be correct as they can vary from country to country according to their telecommunication infrastructure, cost and competition between network carriers etc.

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  1. Yes but have you researched the implications of VOIP QOS? Is it really worth while using VOIP or buying mobile with it at a much larger cost?