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Monday, December 1, 2008

Leadtek DTV Dongle Gold

I went to MSY yesterday to get an Asus U3100 USB TV Tuner and for those who have been to MSY you will know they never have stock. Seeming I travelled fairly far to go there I asked for a similar model and I got the Leadtek DTV Dongle Gold istead for $3 cheaper.

At the moment I am still having a black screen and can't pick up any TV. But I am hoping WinFast PVR2 will work soon, keep you posted

Oppps, I've once again done it! I've applied more than 1 possible solution without testing in between but now my TVs all good!

0. Un-installed previous drivers and software that came with disk (Google has it that the discs installs drivers for the wrong model of TV tuner)

1. Installed latest driver from LeadTeks website

2. Moved laptop to another room near a window (picked up SBS channels only)

3. Connected house TV rooftop aerial to TV Tuner (BANG! 23 channels found)

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