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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

HDMI partners, the break up story

It turns out that it was fairly good plug and play (Toshiba A200/W00 and Philips LCD HDTV)

The problems was the HDTV and Laptop were forced into a 700 resolution. My laptop is 800 and the HDTv is 1080 so that was disappointing. After some fiddling around with the resolution, I ended up messing up the PnP and now the HDTV won't even display anything so back it goes to 700, everything is bigger and some parts of my screen on my laptop is crammed. But I am mainly using it for display videos so it should be fine for time being. Keep you posted if I find out how to make the HDTv 1080 and my laptop 800. That would be awesom. Suggestions also welcomed.

BTW the way I fix the no signal problem was to bring the HDTv's resolution back to 700 and did that via the ATI Catalyst program and also the Display Properties (Right click desktop > Personalise > Display Properties)

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