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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

HDMI Partnered Finally

I was one of the first guys in my group to have a laptop with HDMI connections!!
I had it for a whole year now but have never used it because I don't have a HDTV, all the other folks had a HDTV but no laptop with a HDMI port. Finally after lots of saving and sale prices, I've got one!

#1 . I've been warned over and over about the HDMI cables not being included with HDTV purchases (almost every manufacturer doesn't supply one)

#2 . I've also been told that I should not buy the $150 HDMI calbes as HDMI is digital and the need for super good anti-interferencecables are even less important than for analouge cables.

So the question most people ask: Where can I find cheap HDMI cables from??

* Dick Smith - $49 for a 1.5M
* Target - $49 for a 1.5M or $39 for a 2M thats dedicated to PS3 but compatible of HDTVs
* K-Mark - $30 for a 3M cable that is gold plated!!!!!
* Online (as suggested by forums but I don't like delivery costs)

Are expensive cables a scam?? well maybe not you do get better quality cables, but are the cables producing 5 times as much quality images like how the price is 5 times?? most likely not as suggested by websites I visited before hand.

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