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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Open QuickLaunch Programs using hotkeys

Sorry I haven't posted for a while, haven't found anything IT to post about and also been busy with uni.

I have my TurnOffLCD program on my quicklaunch bar because making a shortcut on the desktop and making a shortcut key doesn't work like i mentioned before it turns off and then back on but now there is a solution!!

If you want to launch a program off your quicklaunch bar using shortcut keys:

1. Choose the icon of the program you want to launch from the quicklaunch bar

2. Count from left to right, what place is that icon placed under?

3. Now press Windows button + the number its ranked as, the program should now open

* you can re-arrange the icon placements say if Windows + 1 is more comfortable move the icon to first place on left and now you can use Windows + 1 to launch it!

* Haven't figured out how to launch 10th place or more icons, not that the average person has 32 quicklaunch icons ;)

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