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Monday, March 24, 2008

Thought of the day: Back up ad syncing

Professionals will tell you file syncing is not a back up system and shouldn't be as it is stupid, dangerous and very easy to lose data as versioning back ups don't exist.

When you sync you copy bad changes or delete the files you have already deleted, so effectively you have duplicated your mistakes where as back up you duplicate the mistakes but also have copies of the good data.

For me syncing is far easier in terms of managing my data, space required and time taked to copy files over to a back up disk. What i do as a back up procedure is back up my data once a year as a snapshot and then have a syncing folder which are active throughout the year and i only back up every so often but copy important files when they are created or modified.

So in result, I get a yearly snapshot for major recovery or regret deletions, a sync folder where all my data are synced to the computer every so often and a folder where important files are manually copied.

The effectiveness of my system over the backing up systems?, you decide. My main hate for back up software are the complicated versioning of data.

Simplicity that works! will be [G]EC Soft's New Slogan.

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