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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Align/snap shapes to grid in Powerpoint

Drawing a simple flowchart in Powerpoint became frustrating when the flows/arrows were not straight and a snap to grid didn't work. Resulting in an angled and wonky flowchart.

Using the snap to grid feature didn't seem to help, even when adjusting the grid to be larger/smaller.

Tip: Holding down CTRL when using the arrows allows you to make smaller steps which helps align the arrows and shapes a bit more precisely when using a mouse is too tricky.

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  1. Hey great great help...thanks for sharing this information with us...Keep It Up!!!

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  2. Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback :)

  3. Thanks for the info! I have also recently found a site that teaches How to Make a Flowchart in PowerPoint and it has great tips! I would definitely recommend checking it out!