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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A200 Toshiba Satellite Random Restarts / Freeze When on AC


  • Random restarts
  • Boots ok on battery
  • Toshiba A200 Satellite laptop
  • Over 4 years old
  • Works in safe mode


  • Boot up in Safe Mode
  • Start > Control Panel > System > Device Manager > Processors
  • Disable both processors
  • Restart the laptop
  • Boot into normal Windows
  • Should work fine, if not you may want to look at the rest of this blog
  • This is apparently a temporary fix and your laptop will not last years and years without replacing a chip (see below)

Causes (Possible):

  • Poor battery life and power switching between AC and battery
  • A NEC chip on the motherboard that regulates power is deteriorating and causing the laptop to not power properly

Alternative fixes:

  1. Set power settings to Power Saver
  2. Set power to High Performance
  3. Boot into BIOS and change Dynamic CPU Frequency Mode = Always Low (NOT DYNAMIC)
  4. Charge up battery and only use laptop on battery

More Info (Google key words such as):

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  • Satellite A200 freezes or restarts anytime
  • A200 restarts when plugged into AC
  • Toshiba laptop freezing when charger is pluggded in
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  • a200 toshiba NEC/TOKIN OE128 Proadlizer Capacitor problems


  1. My laptop had this random restarts but I solved this issue with your advice. Thanks a lot.

  2. Working in safe mode, disbabling processors, etc are temporary solutions that may last up to around six months. The permanent fix is to replace the capacitor as shown here: http://gs138.photobucket.com/groups/q251/S1BXDWUERU/

  3. SOLVED:

    I had same problem. to fix first restart coputer in Safe Mode. Now got to control panel, DEVICE MANAGER, PROCESSOR, INTEL. Now disable one of the INTEL cpu.

    Should be fixed.

    1. your comment needs to be highlighted and put on toshibas website and other sites for solutions for overheating and lock-ups. im so glad you posted it and i found it. ty ty ty