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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Install Windows Live Messenger (WLM) Without re-downloading

I run a dual boot OS laptop and also maintain many computers at home and what bugs me about the new system of WLV compared to the old Windows Messenger is that you have to download a small installer file which will then download a huge file to install WML and when you are doing this for lots of computers or the same one but running a different OS then that is just plain annoying. You'll think so too when your living in Australia and have download limits.

This is a really good link that shows you how to do it:

Retrieve Windows Live Messenger 2009 standalone individual setup installer msi.

AND again for my lazy viewers :P :

  1. Go to OS drive, C:\Program Files\common Files\Windows Live\
  2. Type in the address bar after C:\Program Files\common Files\Windows Live\
    .cache to give C:\Program Files\common Files\Windows Live\.cache
  3. Press enter
  4. Go to search bar up the top and type in "Messenger"
  5. You should see in the results field, Messenger.msi
  6. Copy and paste that file into a folder for keeps and then run it to install WLM.
Hope this helps! :P I seriously do cause it's annoying, that and I sort of wrote this post before I checked if it worked. LOL


Also Search for "wllogin.msi" whilst your there and also install that. That is the Login-Assistant and without it you might not be able to sign in to WLM even though you have it installed.

A second note is the MDi is ment for the small installer program you used before to install WLM and hence no uder interface is visible, it simply installs and closes itself when done. So if you clicked it once see a installing window and it disappears, check the Start > All Programs. It has been installed.

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