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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Saving all your Windows updates for backup/recovery reasons

You click ok, ok and windows starts downloading MBs and MBs of Windows update files. you google online on how to save all these update files to save you gigs and gigs of downloads if you ever decide to do a clean install of Windows but you usually can't get a simple answer on google on "how to backup/save your windows updates" well the answer is good ol Microsoft places all these updates into the service packs (major and important ones anyway) which is excellent just install service pack and your done! but. isn't service pack downloaded through windows update too? :'(

Yes it is, the way to do this is to download the Service Pack Standalone file each time instead of going through the windows Update and also doing so can save you downloads if you have owner ship to more than 1 computer running similar OS. For me i do this all the time, even for the MS Office Service Packs etc. I save the standalone versions.

Keep that thought in mind or expand on my ideas :)

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