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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Vista and XP: Attempt one

Attempt one: Download nLite which is an application that allows you to upgrade your Windows XP install disc. It allows you to integrate Service Packs, drivers and even set up settings so when it comes to recovery time you can just simply reinstall Win XP without much effort or many CDs, just integrate everything into one.

The part we are interested in is the drivers part.
I followed the nLite instructions but failed mainly because when i integrated the drivers i didn't unzip the file so it didn't integrate any drivers as nLite could only detect a .exe file and no .ini files which link to drivers and instructions.

The solution: open (in my case it was f6flpy32.exe) and extract it to a floppy disk as the file is a batch that can only do that. After the files have been moved to the floppy you can select the floppy (which now contains the drivers) and integrate your driver into the XP CD by nLite.

Burn and run!!! Done no floppy disks required and keep that CD too so in the future if you need to reinstall you need not have to look for a floppy drive :D

* All efforts were made to cover my event in detail but if you need more info or want to understand how i did something please feel free to contact me, I mean the only reason why i post this is so that others don't have to waste a CD like me to then to figure out that the drivers aren't on the CD and have to burn another one.

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