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Friday, February 22, 2008

Stupid Auto-Shutdown designers

If your planning to design an auto shut down program you've come to the right place . . . because I am going to drag on about a stupid thing many people do when programming shut down programs.

I have used a few different applications, freeware ones anyway, and all of the auto shut down programs have an insurance policy of displaying a window that says something like "You have programmed AutoShutdown to turn off this computer, are you sure you want to proceed?" and you can click Yes to shut down or no to continue working. This is designed so in case you are working at your computer and haven't saved any work you can click no and save your work and do a manual shut down when your done.

What this means is that for security purposes the software has not actually fulfilled a solution to the problem, the computer did not auto shut down because you have to click Yes for it to shut down. I like to use this type of software at night for downloads or defrags etc., when you can guess an approx finish time. The insurence policy is not a bad idea but it should have an option on to display or not to display before shut down. It is annoying in the morning to have to click no and know that half a nights of electricity has been wasted.

On a contrast side, auto shut down programs that don't give you the option and don't have a cancel button are also annoying because when your setting up the software sometimes you set it off and you can't do anything but to watch everything shut down and then have to turn it on again to set it up for later. A hot key to cancel shut down would be an idea.

**** Please note that when i say AutoShutdown I am not referring to a program but a type of program so if there is an application out there called AutoShutdown I am not referring to them nor suggesting that that program is badly designed. ****

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